What exactly was it that got me into painting? This is just as difficult to properly answer as the other usual question – why I enjoy mathematics.
I feel that both, painting and mathematics, ultimately cover the same matter – but in an entirely different way.
This feeling also explains why the decision I had to take fresh out of primary school proved to be a difficult one : art or technial sciences? I chose ingeneering, but fate had mercy: Arriving in Bratislava and entering the capital’s boarding school I was surrounded by art school and conservatory students from day one. I found myself in a creative enviroment and within touching distance of the arts after all.
After Prague Spring had so abruptly come to an end, I continued my studies of electrical engineering at Zurich’s renowned Polytechnical School (ETH), and graduated in 1974. For family reasons – the birth of my two sons – I was not in the position to work full-time after obtaining my diploma. So I turned to my « other side », visual arts, and attended a series of classes and seminars at Zurich’s School of Applied Arts and participated in artistic projects and events hosted by a various academies and private studios and workshops.
Several exhibitions have showcased my work and I have given painting class.
Every one of my shows centres on a specific topic or line of thought.
What you are looking at may have been a scene captured instantly by my pencil’s quick strokes; or something born in my soul and brought onto paper by an lengthy and intensive process of transformation in the studio.


1947 born in Trenčín / Czechoslovakia
1966 matura
1969 arrival in Switzerland
1974 Electrical Engineering Master Degree at ETH Zürich
since 1975 intensive engagement with painting and drawing

© by anna skripsky 2015